Irma Gillespie is the eldest daughter of our Founder, Pastor Frances Thomas. Her humble beginning started as a nurse, choir leader, singer, organist and Co-Pastor for many years.. She stands in the steadiness of Gods servant, preaching, teaching, and encouraging others to do the same. She labored faithfully by the side of her mother in the Ministry. She joined her mother as she walked door to door warning the people to Repent and turn their hearts to God. She has traveled several states using the gift and anointing that God placed in her hands, bringing life, peace, joy and inspiration to the hearts of many. She is the wife of one husband, the mother of seven, and a leader and inspiration to many. It is my pleasure to introduce to some and present to others, The Pastor of The Christ Miracle & Healing Center Church, Harvey, IL. Pastor Irma P. Gillespie.