Martin Smith, Overseer for many years. He is a Sunday school teacher and a very unique preacher. God saved him in his youth and placed him by His servant side as a faithful Minister and prayer warrior. He is a traveling Evangelist, who traveled and sang with Bishop William Thomas, Jr. and the Male Choir, singing praises unto God and bringing hope, joy, salvation, healing and deliverance to many, especially in the Nursing Centers in the Chicago land and from state to state. His love and concern for the people of God is shown through his notable expression of kindness in every way. No matter how great the position or low the estate of our members, he never forgets a birthday. You will receive a card, some money, and a artistic stick man, encouraging you to be true to your God and stay in His Holy plan. Through many hard tests, trails and afflictions, he yet stands tall. He will rebuke you, correct you and encourage you too, but it's all done in love, because that is what Overseers do. He is the husband of one wife, to this union came forth 4 children. All adults now and own their own. He is now a single parent, but he is never alone, just sold out to Jesus who has strengthened him and made his an example to all. Jesus is coming soon, he says, time wont be long, we are all going to see Jesus and if you live Holy you will gather around his throneŽ It is my pleasure to introduce to some and present to others,
The Overseer of The Christ Miracle & Healing Center Church, Harvey, IL. Overseer Martin Smith.!