Assistant Pastor Margaret, the sixth child of the Late Pastor Frances E. Thomas, Affectionately known as Sis. Cookie. She gave her life to the Lord at a young age. She has a profound love and concern for God's people. Her inspiration and dedication has been within the Youth Ministry. She has a traveling choir, affectionately known as The Shouting Choir, from Harvey. She loves to Praise and Lift Up the name of Jesus. She travels in the city and from state to state sharing the Sweetness Of Jesus with the people of God, whether at a Nursing Center Service, behind the pulpit or under the Big Gospel Tent at a Revival across the land, she cries loud and spares not and makes glad the heart of many.

She had a humble beginning, she was a nurse, a youth leader, a minister, a choir director and a cook for the Saints. She travels from state to state sharing her Miraculous testimony of how God gave her a brand New Pair of Lungs in 1985,and states, If He did it before, He can do it again. She is a chip off the anointed block of her mother and strives to follow in her footsteps, teaching and preaching the Unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is the wife of one husband, the mother of four, a leader and inspiration to many. It is my pleasure to introduce to some and present to others,
The Asst. Pastor of The Christ Miracle & Healing Center Church, Harvey, IL. Pastor Margaret A. Smith.